Your Skin Care Products May Be Causing Breakouts

Have you seen those Epiduo commercials lately? The ones where the teens are using ridiculous  “home remedies” to treat acne. I can relate, I bet you can too.

When faced with acne, some of us will do nearly anything to get rid of it. Go search online for some natural remedies to see what I’m talking about.

Because acne is an issue that shows itself on the surface, it would seem that it would be treated by topicals. There an innumerable number of creams, masks, topicals, lotions, oils etc. that we are told that if we put them on our face, our skin will look better. I’ve tried more than my fair share of these and rarely did I notice a significant difference from these products. Actually I take that back; sometimes I did notice a significant difference, but for the worst.

Have you ever considered that maybe your skin care products may be causing breakouts?

The problem with treating acne as a “cleaning problem” is that it’s not actually an issue of cleanliness. Acne comes to fruition largely as a result of what’s going on inside the body. And because of that we should be more concerned what we’re putting in our body, than what we put on it. This is why the top items on my Products I Use are meant to be put in your body, not on it.

I’m not a dermatologist; just a keen observer. And for over a decade I’ve paid close attention to what works and what doesn’t and I can say that without a doubt that acne comes from the inside. Sure, if you touch your face, pick and pop pimples, or roll around in grime and dirt yeah, count on your skin reacting poorly. But for most people who do everything right with their skin, it often seems to go so wrong.

If you suffer from acne, take some time to reflect on your skin.

When did it start?

How have you tried treating it?

What made it better or worse?

From my experience and observations, acne can usually be boiled down to two main underlying causes:

  1. Hormonal Imbalances
  2. Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Sure, for some people Salicylic Acid may be just what they were looking for, bu they likely only had a few blemishes here and there. For people who have more than a few spots on their face, it’s likely a result of the above two reasons.

Putting different products you bought over the counter will never heal your acne for good because your only attacking what’s on the surface. Essentially it’s a band aid for a much larger issue. Heal your insides and you will truly cure what’s ailing you.

Not only do these products usually fail to make a difference, but they often exacerbate the problem. Putting numerous products on your face can cause several issues:

  • Disrupt the ph balance of your skin
  • Cause you to have an allergic reaction
  • Dry your skin
  • Irritate your skin

There are only several topical products that do neither the above, and tackle the original two problems. Those products, however, are rarely found in your local pharmacy, rather you’ll need a prescription for them.

I bet your tired of trying a new product every other week from a suggestion from some dork on an internet forum. Read my Quick Start Guide and get your skin taken care of once and for all.

Oh and stop putting $#!& on your face.

In fact, for the next 4-6 weeks stop putting anything on your face that wasn’t prescribed to a dermatologist. I’m sure you’re freaking out because you just $40 on some snake oil, but in the long run your skin will thank you.

Instead of worrying about the next best product to put on your face, starting worrying about what’s going on inside your body. You won’t be disappointed.

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